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In this episode – we’re talking all things travel in France!

France is the most popular tourist destination in the world, more people visit than actually live there – and there’s a reason for this. There’s just so much to discover! France is a land of legendary landmarks known all over the world – from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the blooming lavender fields of Provence.

Travel in France podcast

Discover the most popular places to visit in France, their histories and legends, but also the secret places close by so you get to travel to ‘real’ France. In Paris you must of course visit the Eiffel Tower, but how about not too far away, a tiny chapel that was built before the great cathedral of Notre Dame? It has the most beautiful stained glass windows, you’ll feel as if you’re in a jewel box standing in this place. And of course the Mont-Saint-Michel is a wonder of the world, but nearby you can get amazing views of it and explore the area by a little train that runs around the bay. Versailles, the Loire Valley, Disney Paris and the lavender fields of Provence all feature plus more secret places.

“The most popular tourist destination in the world & beyond”

This episode is as always, loads of fun and full of fabulous tips. Plus learn how France is the most popular tourist destination in the world – and beyond (according to one of us at least!)…

Plus a reader asks “I’m going to Paris in May, it’s my first time and I want to see as much of Paris as I can, but I also want to do one day trip to see something different. Where should I go?” We give the perfect answer! Have a listen to find out…

Don’t go to France without listening to this episode!

Brit Janine Marsh author of three international best-selling books about life in France and Frenchman Olivier Jauffrit of radio Paris Chanson share everything France and more through this podcast…

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We’re going to talking about French cheese! The weird and the wonderful, the stinkiest and the most legendary – a slice of French is a slice of French history!

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