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Tailor-made itineraries and private tours of France

France may not seem that big to some, after all you could fit it into Texas – technically at least. But the sheer diversity of France means that there is just so much to see and do that it’s impossible to do it all. Thankfully most of us have an idea of what we’d love to experience most – the rich history of France for instance. Or perhaps the culture – museums, art, chateaux and churches. Or may it’s gastronomy and wine, or authentic villages, Paris, Provence, the French Riviera, Bordeaux, Normandy… Or maybe all of these and more. But what if you’re not sure how to find out where to go to make the most of your visit. What if you want a handcrafted holiday…

Customised itineraries for France

Sometimes it can seem hard to know where to start when planning your dream trip. You go onto websites – and there are some brilliant websites that can help, like this one your on now. You ask friends and people you trust. You go on social media and ask there. “I’m going to Paris – what should I see? And where should I go after to get a different view of France? And what about the best chateaux in the Loire – how do I reach them? Where should I stay? Any fabulous restaurants I really shouldn’t miss? I’m travelling solo, I want to make sure that the hotel is in a good location… near a train station… I don’t want to drive – is it possible to visit all the places I want to go by public transport?” These and many more questions might pop up when you’re organising a trip that’s not with a group, or you don’t want to be guided. Well maybe a bit of a guided tour but not completely.

Tailor-made trips

Isabelle Williams at RNI Travel is the go-to authority for organising visits that tick the boxes you want, not just what’s available. She has a little black book of contacts that’s the envy of many in the travel industry. She creates bespoke itineraries for those who want to take a trip that is truly special  The places you want to go to, guided tours if you want that, hotels booked or recommendations, restaurants booked or recommendations. River cruises, bike tours, house and car rental, event tickets, entry to museums so you don’t have to queue, private wine tastings, customised experiences that aren’t in the guidebooks… it’s all taken care of.

Personalized tours

Born in France, Isabelle now lives in the US but her knowledge of her native country and neighbouring Belgium is second to none. You tell her your budget, when you want to go and where and she and her team will organise an itinerary for the trip you dream of with full service support including help with visas if they’re needed. More than just a holiday, a bespoke trip to France is an experience, with memories to last a lifetime.

Discover France at your pace, in your own way…

Find out more and book time with Isabelle to plan your dream trip: rnitravel.com

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